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Wellness and Health Alternatives

At Aqua Luna, we offer herbal teas, tisanes, tinctures and other natural superfoods that can promote your overall wellness. 

 We serve our clients with natural blends containing essential ingredients that help support the immune system. 

Teas & Tisanes

2 oz dry herbs

Heavenly Hibiscus
Zesty Lemon & Moringa
Detox & Purify
Lazy Intestines ... to help you go
Natures Nectar
Maca Mocha Energy & Vitality Powder 75gr
Super Greens Powder 75gr


2 oz alcohol extractions

Energy & Vitality
Stress Buster
Rose Hips Vitamin C
Depression & Anxiety
Blood Pressure
Migraine & Head Aches

Our herbal tea & tincture options nurture your immune system to support healthy living.

Our m‚Äčission is to provide natural wellness alternatives that contain essential ingredients for a holistic approach.

We maintain high-quality control, and produce products with the purest components.

Tinctures are a 1:1 ratio to capture the most potent remedies.